Kenneth Etokakpan

Kenneth Etokakpan is a self motivated and driven professional that is passionate about Healthcare and Entrepreneurship. He has over 4 years experience in management in difference settings. Kenneth obtained his first degree in Pharmacy from the University of Uyo, Nigeria and has certificates in Health, Safety and Environment and also Leadership and Mangement in Health from the University of Washington.


I am back again with another interesting topic. Our last month series on healthy worker was centered on depression in case you missed out, read here. In this article, I will be looking at the meaning, causes, signs and symptoms and the prevention of hypertension. It will be our great joy for you to learn …

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Depression is one of the most frequent words we often come across on daily basis as we go about our normal activities. Writing on this very important topic although sensitive requires that we should all be conscious and be wary of falling a victim of it. What is Depression? According to the American Psychiatric Association …

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