Imoh Etuk

Imoh Etuk is a seasoned Information Technology Technician who focuses on Hardware/Network Maintenance, Digital Marketing, Security and Microsoft Server/Windows in general. He has a hands-on experience in the Installation, Configuration and Administration of Window Server 2003, 2008, 2012 & 2016, Cisco Networking and Digital (Online) Marketing etc. He is proficient in the use of all Microsoft Applications Software. He knows how to install and configure System/Network interface with windows operating system software as well as configuration of Cisco Router & Switch. He is a visionary leader, who is so passionate about Effective Time Management, Technological Development (ICT), Secretarial Administration, Personnel Management and Leadership Crisis Management. His daily Research and findings is based on Technological innovations, and Management of leadership crisis. He is more willing to follow instructions, give his opinion where necessary, and be dedicated to whatever is required of him. With his natural vivacious personality, he is willing to put all his efforts in whatever he is doing in life.

Serverless, the future of computing

This article is part of #ServerlessSeptember. You’ll find other helpful articles, detailed tutorials, and videos in this all-things-Serverless content collection. New articles from community members and cloud advocates are published every week from Monday to Thursday through September. Find out more about how Microsoft Azure enables your Serverless functions at https://docs.microsoft.com/azure/azure-functions/ Introduction The ability to handle data …

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Cloud Computing: What you need to know

As the times cross by way of, technology advances in geometrical stance. The improvement in cloud computing has led to continuous migration by organizations wishing to enjoy a high level of unmatched security, improve cost-saving, and reduce human effort while their productivity level soars high. Cloud computing platforms provide new and powerful tools like artificial …

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Digital Marketing Ideas for Christmas

Season’s greetings to all lovers of Christmas. Here comes another time to celebrate with our family and loved ones. What a Christmas without sponsored ads deals! You may have noticed decorations have started appearing in shops and online stores as savvy businesses get ready for the busy Christmas shopping period. Is your eCommerce business prepared? …

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Guidelines for Defining Digital Ads

Happy New Month Peeps! I’m glad to welcome you to the Month of November. Last Month, we looked at  some of the overall strategies you need to succeed as a digital marketer, did you miss it? Don’t worry you can always read it here. Now, after you have succeeded as a digital marketer, isn’t it …

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Digital Marketer, you need these Strategies to Succeed

The word “strategy” , in spite of being a word favored by the shiny suits of the world, really just means thinking about why you’re doing something before you actually do it. Before getting started with setting up strategy, you need to know about the A.B.C.D of digital marketing So starting your digital marketing strategy …

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The ABCD of digital marketing

The A.B.C.D of Digital Marketing

In a layman sense ABCD simply means basic things to know before venturing into anything in life. It is not just enough to move into something you hardly know about.  For instance, before you start up a new business, you must have a set goal, reason to start, and be able to evaluate what it …

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HTM Salary Survey 2017 - 24x7 Magazine

Tips on Salary Negotiation during Job Interview

Salary as a word is understood by many people as the reward giving to an employee at the end of his service. It is the money paid by employers to those under their employment to show that they have successfully implemented their job schedules for the period under review. This could be a weekly, monthly, …

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