Digital Marketing Ideas for Christmas

The real ideas of digital marketing start by knowing how to do it!

Season’s greetings to all lovers of Christmas. Here comes another time to celebrate with our family and loved ones. What a Christmas without sponsored ads deals!

You may have noticed decorations have started appearing in shops and online stores as savvy businesses get ready for the busy Christmas shopping period. Is your eCommerce business prepared? If yes, how prepared are you?

If you understand the ideals of online sales, you will understand the power of Christmas market trends.

How ready is your business this Christmas?

Giving you the best of all in digital marketing is all I’m out to do. In the last month’s post, I carefully and critically analyzed the guidelines for defining digital ads. It is hard to succeed as a digital marketer without sponsored ads.

Your ads become sponsored ads when you make a cash commitment. Making a cash commitment in the right way is key to succeeding in your sponsored ads strategy.

The two types of posts you can make on your social media pages are Free (Organic) and Paid or Sponsored ads. When talking about a post that can bring money back to you as a business, we are simply referring to Sponsored or Paid Ad/Post.

The humour of Christmas is sensing. Let your ads sense along with it.

Having a great social media presence is a prerequisite for your sponsored ads to elicit the desired response from your audience. If you’re already writing brilliant content that shows off what your brand is all about, paying to promote ads can get those ads into news feeds of people who aren’t following you yet

If you happen to be active on the less used social platform like Google+ (which all companies should be using as it boosts search engine ranking), its sponsored posts or ads that will let you embed a call to action, like buy now button is a great way to get started.

The various ways you target the audience on different networks are as follows;

  • Facebook -interest they’ve marked
  • Twitter -user networks
  • LinkedIn- job description
  • Instagram – interest too

How to get started with sponsored social posts

  • Choose the social network where your buyer personas are, and always optimize and test your content.
  • You may want to create a post around a new offer or simply word it to attract users to your page
  • Try out your offer or call to action as an ordinary post and see what style and wording attracts the most likes, shares, and comments before putting your money behind them
  • Start with a simple image or video posts and track how many clicks and follows you get, before moving into the more complex and expensive formats, like a multi-image carousel or canvas ads.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sponsored

Everything in life has caution including social media sponsored ads. When you create content online, there are certain things you should do and not do if you want to be successful.

Below are the few things you should do and not do:

  • Post only relevant content
  • Keep it short and simple (KISS)
  • Add relevant images, audios and videos where necessary
  • Keep to the point, don’t deviate
  • Don’t post stale content
  • Respond to messages from customers

In conclusion, sponsored ads are the best way to promote your brand on social pages but before you do this, try out the organic post to see how many potential customers you’re able to attract with your free post before investing in it.

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