The ABCD of digital marketing

The A.B.C.D of Digital Marketing

In a layman sense ABCD simply means basic things to know before venturing into anything in life.

It is not just enough to move into something you hardly know about.  For instance, before you start up a new business, you must have a set goal, reason to start, and be able to evaluate what it means to be in business. The reasons could be to make profit, create employment opportunities, meet the needs of customers’ or gain some insights that will help you start-up or improve your business.

In this article, I am going to run you through the meaning of ABCD, what you need to do, and how you should apply the ABCD concept in your business to make you stand out.

Meaning of ABCD

ABCD here stands for:

  • A-Attract
  • B -Build
  • C- Create
  • D- Direct

Now the question is what does it take to attract customers to your business; how can you make them buy and re – buy from you over your competitors?  

It may interest you to know that, just as the traditional market place is large and competitive so also the digital space.

Attracting customers to your business involves a lot of things, work and processes.

Such things involved in attracting customers to your business are;

  • Brand name
  • Content
  • Brand culture
  • Service
  • Quality

Brand Name

To attract customers/clients to your business, you must first of all create a unique and attractive brand name that is short, meaningful and really depict the nature of your intending business.

Customers sometimes buy the name not your actual product. Take for example, if you were browsing  through other people’s business social pages/weblogs/Google pages, you come across names of businesses,  I am very sure what will make you to think of clicking on a particular name will be that the name is attractive to you.


Another point is content. It is seen as the king in every business particularly the online business. You cannot win customers’ mind with content that are not well planned, organized and directed to your business purpose.  Sitting back to create good and astonish content is a daunting tasks and as such can be outsourced to experts. Most of the successful online businesses do outsource content creation jobs to experts.

Brand Culture

This simply means the way of doing business. Every business has a culture they operate on. You can’t afford to just put up a business without adopting a specific way of doing business. The specific way must be well tailored towards your business purpose.

Sometimes customers will say ‘I like buying things on Jumia than other e-Commerce platform’. This might be as a result of Jumia’s unique concept being appealing to them.


Now the fourth point of part of things you need to do to attract customers is “Service”.

Service in this sense does not mean ‘what you offer’ but ‘how you offer’. If you are into the business of rendering services to people that does not means you are offering good services to customers.

Service is an abstract word but very powerful. If you are interacting with customers online, how you respond to them matters a lot. The point is, it is better for you to address customers by their names.

Avoid just sending a ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ which is considered as the most boring and annoying message to customer at times.

They may not reply you and if they don’t, there is likelihood of loosing that potential client.


The last point is ‘quality’.  This is key in whatever you do. It matters most when it comes to business mostly in online marketing. People won’t buy from you except you have genuine qualities of products.  Aside just having quality product in place, you must go further to be able to convince the online customers that your business really exists beyond just having good quality.

Your content should be qualitative and genuine not fake and capable of misleading the public or your intending customers.  Once customers notice your business is not genuine they will automatically stop buying from you.

So if punctuality is the soul of business, quality is the life of the business.

Remember, we are still on THE ABCD OF DIGITAL MARKETING

We have just finished discussing about the “A” which stands for ATTRACT. The points enumerated above are what will help you to attract potential customers to your business.

Now let’s look at the B meaning

The “B” stands for BUILD – Building customers means growing customers. It is not enough for you to attract them yet not being able to build and retain them.

With the guidelines that will help you to attract them as listed above, you will be able to build and groom your customers. The number of customers list in your business database will determine your business success.

Now let’s look at the “C” which stands for CREATE. First of all, what does it mean to create?  This is to say that, when you attract, build customers you need to create something for them.

It could be a package that will make them have a sense of belonging in your business. They are part of your business. Make them aware of their existence in your business.

In every business, content isn’t just the king but customer also.

The last but not the least point is “D” which stands for DIRECT: There’s a saying that says, ‘customers don’t know what they want.’

As far as buyers’ impulse is in existence, “customers are the most confused set of people when it comes to making buying decision”. So you are in the best position to direct them to make the right choice.

You have to look beyond making profit to properly directing and pointing customers to the right products of their choice that will give a solution to their problems. ‘They don’t buy your product but a solution to their problems’.

Online business requires something called LANDING PAGE. Landing page is simply the first page of your business website. Before you run an ad on the web, do you have a place as website so that when customers click they will be directed to? In case, you are yet to have a website and you wish to have one, click here to get one at a very affordable price.

In conclusion, when setting up an online business, think of attracting, building, creating and directing customers.  Businesses cannot run without customers. They are the king. They are the reason why you are still in business or want to start a business.  Digital age is here, let’s embrace it wholly.

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