Hi, I'm Imoh!
Azure Cloud Admin | A.I Engineer | MCT | Software Developer

Who Am I?

I am an experienced IT Technician/Cloud Solutions Architect with working knowledge of cloud concepts, Microsoft Azure services, such as workloads, security, privacy, service level agreement (SLA), pricing, and support as well as having demonstrable skills of concepts of cloud networking, storage, compute, application support, and application development.

What I can do!

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Digital Marketing

I offer top-notched digital marketing services to Individuals, groups and corporate entities. 

Web Design

I use WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc to deliver the best cutting-edge in web content, and aesthetic User- interface, and User- experience to clients.

Cloud Computing

I’m skilled in using the latest cloud computing tools to create, build and architect solutions that can handle workloads in modern workplaces.


I offer general technology advisory services to organizations and individuals.

Network Installation

I have hands-on experience in resolving issues relating to computer network installation, configuration, & network protocols 

Hardware & support

I have relevant hands-on experience in  computer hardware maintenance &  desktop support.

Need advice?

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My goal
“is to help  new and existing businesses like yours to build their businesses with the right technological approach.”

My Speaking Session at the Azure Virtual BootCamp 2021